With professionalism and an innovation mindset, we have worked closely with clients to design and execute numerous communcations programs and projects, many of which have been recognized by clients, media and the industry as succssful cases.
  • New Vehicle Launches
    Since 2001, Bright has supported all of Buick’s new vehicle launches – 50+ launches in total! Each project involves planning, onsite management, publicity and content development. Bright is well recognized in the industry for its high quality services.
  • Test Drives
    Bright has organized 100+ automotive test drives across China and in some overseas locations. Event venues include highways in city outskirts, highlands, Gobi desert, grasslands and coastal areas.
  • Air France Celebrates 50th Anniversary in China
    Air France was the first western airline to fly to new China back in 1966. The 50th anniversary in 2016 was a key milestone commemorating and further promoting the company in the China market.
  • Diamond League Shanghai
    One of the 14 events of the IAAF, Diamond League Shanghai is held in May each year in Shanghai.
  • WTA Elite Trophy
    WTA Elite Trophy was introduced to Zhuhai in 2015, as the season-ending tournament from 2015 until 2019.
  • Tennis in Shanghai
    The Bright team started participating in the promotion of tennis in Shanghai about 20 years ago, ever since the very start of the sports in the city.
  • Run the Track
    Established in 2015, Run the Track provides a unique experience for runners at the only F1 circuit in the city on January 1st each year.
  • Drive to Green
    Shanghai GM initiated the “Drive to Green” corporate sustainability strategy in 2008. It has served as a corporate growth guideline and competitive edge. Bright participated in the formation of this milestone strategy.
  • Protecting EMC Brand Before Acquisition by Dell
    During the 2.5 years before Dell’s acquisition, Bright supported EMC to protect its brand and retain its business growth momentum in China.