Our Company
We are a knowledge-based professional public relations company.We are committed to helping clients create a favorable public consensus for healthy business growth via improved brand,product and corporate images in an increasingly complicated and dynamic societal and economic context.
With our communications expertise, a full spectrum of professiontal services and resources, we support clients to achieve their set goals.

Our clients are mostly international companies and JV brands, all leaders in their industries.Among clients we are serving or have served, more than 30 are Fortune 500 companies.

With professionalism and an innvation mindset, we have closely worked with clients to design and execute numerous communcations programs and projects, many of which have been recognized by clients, media and the industry as successful cases.
We maintain a highly stable team by creating a good company culture and offering an exciting career development platform.We invite high-caliber talents to join us, who have both communications expertise and industry insights.